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Janice Hunter grew up in Rural Chatham, Ontario as a dairy farmers daughter. She is no stranger to hard work and is dedicated in sharing her talents with others in the music industry.   She practiced Piano from the age of four and has extended her talents to the guitar later in life.   After years of songwriting she is taking on the task of sharing her work with the world. 


The Soul Behind the Music

Janice excels in creating  performing and composing music.   She possess the ability to play instruments and sing soulful melodies and write heartfelt lyrics that resonates with the audience. With a unique blend of musical talents. She is able to express such emotion, experiences and stories through her music , creating a deep connection with listeners. From soulful ballads to  energetic anthems she has the skill and ability to craft songs that leave a lasting impact on those who listen. Her beautiful daughter is the artist, photographer, and editor behind her Cover Art  and Music Videos 

Refining & Redefining

Her first piano inspiration was her 88 year old piano teacher who had such wonderful disposition. Over the last few years she has been writing and composing music along with the occasional gig here and there and hopes to inspire others to be courageous with  their talents.  

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